GEN-I Zagreb receives award as the most successful small and medium-sized enterprise in the area of exports

In the scope of the Entrepreneur of the Year and “Business Boom ” projects, GEN-I Zagreb received an award as the most successful small and medium-sized enterprise in the area of exports. GEN-I Zagreb ended 2017 with 1.17 billion kunas in export-driven revenues, an increase of 58% relative to the previous year, while exports account for 83% of total revenues, which amounted to 1.4 billion kunas in 2017.

The aim of the “Business Boom” project, organized by the business newspaper Poslovni dnevnik since 2014, is to present Croatian small and medium-sized enterprises that in the past five years have recorded growth in operating revenues and the number of employees, and improved credit ratings, and to inform the general public about successful, positive entrepreneurial stories at the local, regional and national levels through a year-round campaign.

Samo Žolger, advisor to the President of the GEN-I Group’s Management Board, received the award from Alenka Košiša Čičin Šain, Deputy Director of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund.

GEN-I’s focus on the Croatian market is on the sale and supply electricity to small and medium-sized enterprises and households, while the GEN-I Group intends to become the most progressive and largest player on the energy markets of Southeast Europe.

The company’s objective is to increase its share of transactions on the Croatian market through an affordably priced range of electricity and natural gas products tailored to the needs of customers, fast and efficient services, notification of customers about the possibility of switching suppliers and the expansion of its range of products and services. One example of the expansion of the company’s range of innovative services is the option to purchase electricity produced from solar power plants that GEN-I began offering customers on the Croatian market this year, confirmation of the entire GEN-I Group’s commitment to green energy and the reduction of the carbon footprint.

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